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Chinese Language Center



Chung Hua University Established the Chinese Language Center in 2005, it provides a good Chinese learning environment for foreigners and international students, so that students can enjoy learning Chinese while learning Chinese culture.



Chung Hua University  is located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, near the Hsinchu Sience Park, the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, which is one of the world's most strategic centers for semiconductor manufacturing and computer technology development. The students of Chung Hua University have geographical advantages and can find their favorite jobs more quickly. 

Small class size

There are 6-10 students in regular Chinese courses, the teacher can always care and teach every student, so there is no need to worry about lowering the teaching quality because many students attend courses. Make sure that every student has the opportunity to practice.

Professional and innovative courses

Well-designed interesting courses, combined with leisure and entertainment, enable all students to learn Chinese in a good teaching environment, strengthen the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and combine extracurricular activities to let students experience Taiwan culture.