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Procedure to apply for waiving the credits

Dear all international students,


You can only apply ONCE to waive the General Education credits.


Here is the procedure to apply for waiving the credits:

1. When to apply for the certificate from us: When you are senior (4th year) and confirm you need no more Chinese class credits for waiving the General Education credits.

2. The TOCFL test proves that the minimum Level3 can waive GE 6 credits, the GE credit limit for TOCFL achievement & Chinese course certificate is 22 credits.

3. When to apply for waiving the GE credits:
    (1) When you have all the certificates you would like to waive in hand, and to apply within a week since next semester starts.
    (2) If you still have Mandarin course to take in the graduation semester, you must apply when you get the certificate from Mandarin Center at the end of that semester.
4. Where to apply: Chinese Language Center
5. What to bring: All your certificates from Mandarin Center and application form
    Please download the form and print out by yourself: https://aa.chu.edu.tw/var/file/49/1049/img/533/254716816.pdf


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