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Our team

Business responsibilities (International Student Group)

Ashley Huang
International Team Leader
International Student Affairs Life Counseling
Coordination and communication of International Office activities
The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, learn from the sea, cherish the pearl, learn from the dream scholarship and other related programs
New South to apply for various projects
Comprehensive management of related administrative services such as Haiqing Class and Overseas Chinese Committee
Overseas study tours and other related businesses
Foreign guest reception and other related administrative services
International sister school contact
Overseas education exhibitions and overseas recruitment and publicity affairs
Supervisor's overseas trip contact
Other matters assigned by the supervisor


Stanley Yang
International Student Affairs and Life Counseling (including notifications of airport pick-up and accommodation, leave and withdrawal)
Taiwan scholarship distribution
Administrative related issues such as Chinese scholarship
International student work permit review
Assist foreign guests in reception and other related
The Overseas Youth Vocational Training School related business matters
International health insurance, health insurance and other related matters
International student related system
Other matters assigned by the supervisor


Business responsibilities(Division of Chinese Students Affairs)

Janice Chang
 Coordination of cooperative education projects in mainland China
 Sister School Contract Signing Project in Mainland China
 Mainland degree terrestrial students and exchange students apply to come to Taiwan
 Responsible for Taiwan entry permit application/professional activity planning in mainland China
 Admission of Hong Kong and Macau studetns
 Coordination and assistance of international office activities
 Reception arrangements for foreign guests
 Other matters assigned by the supervisor


Business responsibilities (Chinese Language Center)

Rita Chen
Chinese Language Center Related Business
Taiwan Scholarship business of the Ministry of Education
Higher Education Sprout Project Business
520 medium and long-range planning business
GAP year Project Business
Foreign exchange school matters
assistance of international office activities
Other matters assigned by the supervisor