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The Replacement and Issuance of New UI No. for international students

Since 2021, National Immigration Agency would assist foreign residents assign the New UI No. (1 English letter+ 9 numbers).
The original UI No. will be invalidated from January 1st, 2031.
Application date: since Jan 2nd 2021~till Dec 31st 2030
Permanent residents
Residents, including foreigners, nationals without household registration in the Taiwan Area, residents of Hong Kong and Macau, and people of the Mainland Area.
How to apply: The application for a new UI No. of the following cases can be made online. (Check on-line application platforms for details)
For more details, please check the attachments.
If you have further questions, please call “Life Advisory Service Hotline for Foreigners in Taiwan (0800-024-111)” or “MOI Service Hotline (1996)” for assistance.
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