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The craze for chasing flowers across Taiwan! Wisteria flowers bloom on the campus of BGI



2021-03-22 │ Secretary room
Speaking of spring, one must think of the flower viewing boom! After the pink cherry blossom festival ended, purple and romantic wisteria flowers also bloomed quietly on the campus of Hsinchu Chung Hua University.
From March to April every year, walk into the gate of Chung Hua University and walk along the tree-lined trail on the left for about 3 minutes, next to the elevated wooden shed next to the green lawn, which is always attracted by the blooming of wisteria flowers. Teachers, students and community people stopped to watch, and many photography enthusiasts came from afar during the holidays to take pictures at the school.
A purple whirlwind blows up inside the school, and a bunch of wisteria flowers clinging to the wooden frame are full of them. It is one of the check-in spots where many netizens need to take pictures on a pilgrimage. The students will also wear bachelor gowns. The purple flowers leave unforgettable memories of university.
In addition to the current season’s wisteria flowers on the campus of Chung Hua University, the kapok next to the playground is also in full bloom. Later, there will be relay blossoms such as golden windbells and tender white tung tree flowers, making the campus picturesque throughout the four seasons. Have a different taste and style.
In response to the impact of the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic this year, Chung Hua University currently refuses visitors to the campus in order to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations of the epidemic command center. It hopes to provide viewing through online flower viewing. It is also expected that everyone will actually visit the campus next year. Admire the beautiful flower scenery.
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