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Subsidies for training expertise

Good news: Subsidies for training expertise
🌐【#Enterprise AI practical training class】🌐
The Microsoft industry experts and the faculty group of Hua University jointly teach AI technology and Azure service applications, allowing students to accumulate experience through doing and learning and visit Microsoft on the spot to encourage them to learn and showcase their results.
The AI ​​will be published at the end of the term.
#Training advantages👍
✅Employment goals in the field of artificial intelligence applications get!
✅The completion of training means employment, and also completes pre-employment training for enterprises get!
✅After completing the training, the salary can be higher than the average salary of 38,000 for college graduates get!
#Detailed information👀
📚Course content: http://event.chu.edu.tw/elite/content.aspx...
📨Chapter download: http://event.chu.edu.tw/elite/download/20200507153902138.pdf
#Training Identity👥
1️⃣Taiwanese unemployed youth aged 18-29
2️⃣ Free training (i.e. training fee 94,479 yuan full subsidy)
3️⃣Learning rewards are given to a maximum of 8,000 yuan per month
4️⃣ Enjoy labor insurance during training (training)
⚠️For general status applicants who want to apply at their own expense, please contact the AI+ Experience Center of Chung Hwa University (03-5186437 Miss Yang)
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#Contact Us📞
School of Innovation Industry 03-5186266 Miss Chen
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