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About International Office

Chung Hua University has emphasized its globalization since it made its debut among the Hsinchu higher education institutions in 1990. In order to further promote university internationalization and increase student international competitiveness, our university has established the International and Cross-Straits Affairs Office to actively engage in related academic exchanges and cooperation. The International Office has set up two divisions as below:

1. Division of International Affairs

2. Division of Chinese Affairs


To encourage the CHU foreign students to keep polishing their Chinese language skills, under the guidance of the International Office, a Mandarin Training Center, being affiliated with CHU, has been established and open for all foreign students in CHU campus. Currently the center has also accepted non-CHU foreign students from all over the world.



The plans and services of the International and Cross-Straits Affairs Office include:


(1)  Establish cultural, academic, scientific and technological cooperation with

 internationally renowned research institutions.


(2)  Coordinate and arrange exchanges between foreign universities and our

teachers and students.


(3)  Sign cooperation agreements with foreign universities or research

institutions, in order to promote further cooperation. Provide and assist our

 foreign students with needed guidance and information.


(4)  Collaborate with our Chinese Language Center in promoting Chinese

 language education, and assist our local students with applications to study

 in overseas sister schools or cooperative schools.



The current Programs:


l   Student Exchange Program

In addition to organizing overseas language and cultural university studies during winter and summer vacations, our students can also take courses in allied universities in Europe during their course of study. Those who fulfill graduation requirements at both schools with mutually recognized credits may obtain dual degrees, and these overseas schools have also agreed to grant our graduates priority in admission to their graduate programs. In addition to tuition and fee waiver at the other universities, we grant our exchange students an exchange scholarship of up to NT$100,000 per academic year. Each exchange program may last from several weeks to a year.


l   Graduate Student Study Abroad Program (GSSAP) Scholarship

The university also offers the GSSAP Scholarship which grants up to NT$1 million for our most academically outstanding students to study abroad for one year.


l   Overseas Summer and Winter Workshops

Currently, summer and winter workshops opportunities are available at the Tsukuba Gakuin University, the University of Kitakyushu and the Sanyo Gakuen University in Japan.