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Insurance programs

International student medical insurance 

The insurance policy and procedure for claiming are shown as below:
(1) Fee: NT$ 3,000 for 6 months.
(2) Outpatient/Emergency treatment benefit:
While this Policy is still effective, if the Insured suffers an illness or injury and receives (emergency) treatment at a hospital/clinic as an outpatient, the company will reimburse all medical expenses incurred. However, the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 1000 NTD (per visit). 
(3) Go to a legal hospital/ clinic specified by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. with this symbol.
(4) For Degree Students, please use your Chinese name shown on the ARC card when register at the clinic/ hospital.
For Mandarin Program students, please use your English Name when register at the hospital in order to match the name joining to the insurance program.
(5) Please collect 2 documents from clinic/ hospital:
a. The original copy of payment receipt: You will get this document in every visit.
b. Certificate of diagnosis in Chinese: please apply when finish all the treatment for the same symptom.
(6) Bring all (5) documents to International Office. We will assist you to fill in the application form.

For information about Daily hospital room benefit and Hospital miscellaneous benefit, please refer to English articles. (Download)

National Health Insurance (NHI)

According to the regulation, 6 months after receiving their ARCs, foreign students must join the National Health Insurance scheme. In the first 6 months, however, foreigners are not allowed to gain coverage under NHI. Each semester extends for 6 months (Sep – Feb and Mar – Aug). NHI costs NT $749 per month. Thus, for the second semester, you will pay NT $4,494 (749*6 months) in NHI premiums. 

(1) Applying for Coverage 
Foreign students who have been in Taiwan for 6 months since receiving their ARCs must apply for coverage under NHI. By doing this, go to the CHU International Office at I211 and bring the following documents with you: 
-Two photos 
-Photocopies of both sides of your ARC
-Passport if you ever left Taiwan during this 6 months.

(2) Canceling Coverage 
Graduates or people who are under the circumstances of deferring studies, discontinuing studies, or even being suspended from studying at CHU, are suggested to go to International Office. Please go to the International Office to cancel your NHI coverage and receive refunds for payment of NHI premiums. 

(3) Suspending Coverage 
If you graduate, defer studies, or discontinue studies, please go to the International Office to suspend your NHI coverage. Foreign students who plan on going abroad for over 6 months should also suspend their NHI coverage for the amount of time which they intend to stay abroad. During this time, you will not be required to pay premiums. However, please note that if you return to Taiwan and continue studies before 6 months expire, you will be required to pay the monthly premiums back for the amount of time you were abroad. 

(4) Resuming Coverage
To resume coverage after deferring or discontinuing studies, go to the International Office and apply for resumption of NHI coverage.

(5) Medical Services 
After successfully applying for coverage under NHI, you will receive a NHI card. This card can be used at the vast majority of hospitals and medical clinics around Taiwan to receive a significant discount on the price of medical fees.

(6) What To Do if You Lose Your Card 
If you lose your NHI card, you can apply for a new one at any post office branch for a fee of NT $200.