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Poster:Post date:2017-10-02
  Dear Muslim Students at CHU,


Greetings from Chung Hua University, Taiwan!

We have Muslim Student Club of Chung Hua University.

The Muslim Student Club is a student-lead organization which serves the needs of all students of the Islamic faith. Meeting weekly, the MSC is an opportunity for Muslim and non-Muslim students at Chung Hua University to gather for conversation, spiritual growth, and understanding.

Chung Hua University also provides the friendly Islam environment at Activity Center, there is a dedicated Muslim Prayer Room (Room G212) and also have Self –Cooking Area at Student Restaurant. The aim of this Club is to exhibit the Islamic cultural heritage and civilization from different countries under one roof in the form of cultural exhibition and international seminar. Join us for a meeting and any of our many programs throughout the year!

For more detail information, please do not hesitate to contact Siska (siskamandalia@gmail.com); 0976-129442

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