Not only the Ministry of Education's Xuehai Dream Project is successful, the South Asia Internship Program is popular too.

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 Talents with cross-culture proficiency and willing to be assigned and mobile people are the urgent need in any aspect. In order to enhance students' global vision and international mobility, the Ministry of Education has promoted various program to encourage students studying abroad and internship, with a subsidy ranging from NTD 50,000 to more than NTD 100,000 each student. In this summer, Chung Hua University had already send more than 200 students abroad for internship and exchange in Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and other countries.

  Two graduated student from Department of Tourism and MICE, Chung Hua University went to Atagawagan in Japan as an intern upon the recommendation of CHU. One of them was originally can speak a little Japanese then become the chef's right-hand's man, and the other who have Japanese foundation, starting from house finishing and then become a hotel reception staff. Their serious attitude was recognized by the president of the hotel, who then applied a two-year working visa for them, hoping they could stay in the hotel continue working.
  Other than Japanese overseas study, Chung Hua University is also promoting the exchange and internship program in the South Asia. There are 43 students went to corporation in Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries for internship this year.
  Nicholas Tan, deputy manager of Fullerton Hotel in Singapore points out that students from Chung Hua University have good working attitude and service enthusiasm, other than that, they are adept at learning. They are hoping to expand their cooperation with the school so that students can work in practice ,employed after graduation.
  Located next to the Hsinchu Science Park, Chung Hua University is a job-oriented university, our graduates have a good reputation of "high employment rate, high salary, high corporate satisfaction" in the Ministry of Education, 104 Human Resource Banks and 1111 Human Resource Bank based on the latest statistical data. In order to provide students accessing to foreign studies and opportunities, Chung Hua University had signed sister school agreement with more than 100 foreign universities to develope double degree and student exchange program, while providing a maximum scholarship of NTD 1,000,000 , encouraging students to study abroad, enhancing their international competitiveness.
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