Chung Hua University ascending to a International University by cultivating global talent

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Poster:Post date:2017-09-07
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  In a recent "2017 Taiwan Best University" list, Chung Hua University's level of globalization had improved by 11 in ranking and are selected for the Top 20 International Education Institution in Taiwan. The President said that under the influence of globalization and digitization, cross-cultural communication is not the only necessary capabilities of global talents, but also the capabilities of global mobility has become the key requirement to recruit new blood in an enterprise.
  Nowadays, the trend in domestic universities are promoting globalization program, such as obtaining International Certification, enroll foreign students and encourage students to exchange abroad. This year in Chung Hua University, there are more than 200 students have been selected to exchange in Japan and South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Myanmar, Thailand, China and others.
  In order to double the effectiveness of  learning, Chung Hua University moved the classroom abroad, so that students can learn from experience and improve their practical knowledge.The Department of Applied Japanese went to our sister school, Tsukuba Gakuin University and Miyagi University of Education located in Japan for a short-term training, learning Japanese, Japanese Nippon Flower, Way of Tea and other courses. The Department of Transportation Technology and Logistics Management was invited to China by Southwest Jiaotong University to take part on a site survey and driving simulator of the high-speed rail, so that students will gain a deeper understanding of high-speed rail's development and technology.
  Located next to the Hsinchu Science Park, Chung Hua University is a job-oriented university, our graduates have a good reputation of "high employment rate, high salary, high corporate satisfaction" in the Ministry of Education, 104 Human Resource Banks and 1111 Human Resource Bank based on the latest statistical data.
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